Why I Blog And You Should Too


Why I blog?

When I bought my new laptop we back in year 2012 or 5 years ago. I began to explore the so called worldwide web. I remember that every night after dinner with my family I positioned myself to my computer table and started surfing on the net spending time at least two to three hours while reading inspirational articles written by prominent bloggers.

From then I became addicted reading informative blogs about financial freedom, making money online, blogging and etc.
In the middle of the night, from the bottom of my heart the spirit of eagerness to become a blogger was conceived and finally led to the birth of this blog.

So why I Blog?

blogTo tell you frankly I started posting blog 4 years ago in the blogger.com and wordpress.com which is free hosting. Because their hosting is free I got a domain name looks like this www.myextraincomeonline.blogspot.com.

And you know what, after a couple of months my blog was shutdown by blogger.com for unknown reasons, I tried to emailed their support team but availed nothing.

I got discouraged that time and start wondering if I should quit blogging because all of my effort and time yielded into nothing. My blog disappeared like bubbles.

As Michael Jordan says:

Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation.

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Many people are getting into blogging for several reasons. You might have heard it somewhere recently but it actually started more than a decade ago from its mother, the online diary.

But for me I have 4 reasons why I blog

Here are my 4 reasons why I blog.

1. To Learn
I’ve learn a lot of things when I’m started blogging, not just learning how to blog but likewise you would also have learned how it all connects with social media and connects other people with the same interest that I have.

2. To Share
I make this blog because I want to share my knowledge and expertise and I want to help people who are asking valuable ideas. I want to establish and maintain friendship among bloggers community.

3. To Express Myself
There’s some bloggers out there expressing their freedom of expression thru blogging, social media and even in the newspaper. I want to express my ideas on certain things that could be beneficial to other.

4. To help Others
Because of the internet era many people today are relying with the internet searching information about certain things. So with this blog I want to help other people by way of giving valuable information though I am not expert in everything but I believe that through this blog I could help to the best of my ability and of course with my blogging community.

Lastly, I want to share some tips about the advantage of blogging.

The main question is; why should you start blogging?

The first thing you need to know is that blogging can enhance and support your online communications. However, you must first understand the outcome of your blog that you  desire in order to attain success.

The main reason why you should start blogging, is that it can be both an excellent outlet for your frustrations or excitement and profitable at the same time.

It does not mean that if you are not into blogging, you should not blog. Being in a business, especially those with dealings on the Internet, requires you to establish a clientele that are actually interested with your services.

Blogging is an enjoyable journey while expressing your thoughts, your lovable ideas as well as your interests not only that it is also good for business and effective tool to provide insight and guidance to your readers.



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