Top 7 Ideas to Know Before You Publish Your Own eBook Online

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Before you publish your own eBook online, you have to consider the following top 7 ideas discussed in this article. It will help you to become one of the most successful eBook authors in terms of making sales, profits and growing in popularity.

You should understand that publishing and selling eBooks on the internet are a number’s game. The more virtual copies you sell, the more profits you will make in your business. So, it is important you make notes of these ideas if you want to become a successful eBook author too.

1. Determine the Size of Your Market

It is important that you determine some market variables before you publish your own eBook online, except you are writing for fun and pleasure and not to make money with eBooks.


I know that there is nothing wrong being writer who wants his voice to be heard by a target audience and not to make money online. But for selling authors, I know you want to make money writing eBooks.

This is where determining the size of your market becomes vital. You can use niche market forums, keyword research tools and surveys conducted from your email list of subscribers to do this exercise.

In other words, you have to know who your potential buyers are, market demand and if they will be willing and able to buy your eBook.

2. Learn How to Optimize Your Website

You should be aware that there is always cutthroat competition in every niche market you venture into online now. There are no more obscure and profitable niches that have not been discovered anymore.

So, for you to be ahead of the competition, you have to optimize your website for target keywords related to your eBook idea. On-page SEO (search engine optimization) is crucial to your eBook marketing success because you will definitely want free targeted traffic from the search engines.

3. Be Ready to Market Your eBook

From my experience and observations, successful eBook authors are aggressive marketers. Some go to the extra mile of recruiting affiliate marketers and entering joint venture partnerships to sell more of their information products.

A lot of e-authors now turn to social media to reach as many potential buyers and clients as well. If you are lukewarm in your eBook marketing drive, there is little you can do to improve your eBook sales volume and ultimately make profits.

4. Set the Right Price for Your eBook

ebook priceYou should set a competitive price for your electronic book that your target market can afford. This means you have to conduct market price research to know the average price that other authors are charging their customers.

The only exception is when you are a well-known authority in your niche market or you are convinced that you are bringing unique knowledge to the table.

5. Write Attention-Grabbing Title

To a large extent, the compelling and attention-grabbing title can go a long way to sell your eBook and you can use it for branding purposes. A good eBook title will give you the clicks and opportunity to present your sales copy to your potential buyers.

Basically, you have two major options to choose from when researching your electronic book title to use. The first choice is to select a keyword rich title and the second is to choose the benefit-rich title.

6. Demonstrate Your Expertise

There are many ways to prove and express your expertise in your niche subject before you publish your own eBook online. Write an eBook and start distributing it for free. You can even use it to build an email list of subscribers before finally launching your product.

Another method of building your expertise and visibility is to write SEO articles and distribute through relevant internet media such as article directories, blogs, social media, and so on. You can also grant interviews to bloggers, experts, and webmasters in your niche market.

7. Write Effective Sales Letter

In your eBook marketing campaigns, there is really no face-to-face selling. And because you are going to be directing potential buyers to your sales copy, it is important you take the time and extra care to craft something that will appeal to their emotions.

You want them to see and appreciate the benefits of downloading your eBook more than the money they will pay for it. You should read lots of good sales copies in your niche market and make notes of hot buttons in all these materials.

You can now take notes of these top 7 ideas before you publish your own eBook online.

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