Neobux Review – It Is Legit or Scam?

neobux review

If you are looking a truthful Neobux review you are in the right place. Because with this article I would like to share my experience and complete reviews about this popular PTC website which started on 2008.


neobux review

Neobux is another PTC website that pays when you click on the sponsor’s advertisement website for a short period of time which usually lasted for about 12 seconds. The website launched on March 25, 2008.

Some of my friends were asking about the legitimacy of this websites if it is legit or scam or worthy of spending your precious time. So, let us uncover the real score of this site.

Well, in terms of popularity there’s no doubt that Neobux is very popular making money sites around PTC business. However, I cannot guarantee the legality or the stability of this company. The way I see it Neobux was paying to their members as of this writing.

The Pros and Cons of Neobux


  • FREE to open an account
  • It pays on time
  • Do not need any educational background
  • Do not demand much of your time
  • With only $2.00 minimum cash out


  • Limited of direct Referrals
  • Very low earning
  • Many complaints about their rented referral system
  • You have to be active to earn from your referral’s click
  • Some of the ads have location restrictions

In this kind of home based job, you cannot really earn reasonable income unless you have plenty of referrals. I agree that you definitely make some little money out of it which helps you to pay at least your electricity bills.

Besides from clicking ads, Neobux also offers an opportunity for their members to make some extra dollar income by participating in the surveys, completing offers as well as doing simple tasks.

Apparently, you will see some negative comments about Neobux in different PTC forum or other review website or from angry people that Neobux is a scam site due to their rented referrals were not the genuine person but merely “bots” and they lost money from it.

Your Possible Daily Earnings

I just want to be honest here, in PTC business you cannot get rich overnight. It will take a lot of your time to earn your first $2 dollar (minimum cash out) you need a lot of patients so that you could not be bored and eventually quit.

In my case, I sign up with Neobux for free as a standard member then I started clicking all the ads.

Just for an illustration. Neobux has a minimum of at least 20 or more ads including the orange one in which you can earn a commission from your referrals clicked if you click those ads daily.

I am going to show you what is the daily income as a standard member without referrals.

20 ads x $0.001 = $0.02

$0.02 x 30 = $0.60

Therefore, if you click the ads daily, then you need at least 3 ½ months to withdraw your first $2.00 USD online income.

Referral Programs

So what are referrals?

A referral is a systematic method that encourages people just like you to tell other people who want to make money with Neobux.

There are two different types of referrals in Neobux such as;

  1. Direct – which means you are to get your own by way of promoting your referral link.
  2. Rented – which means you can use the system that Neobux has given wherein you can rent hundreds or even thousands of referrals.

You will earn money when your referrals click the ads, in essence, you have to get more referrals to get more money.  So, technically speaking more referrals you have the more money coming in.

Please note that based on my past experiences in Neobux, rented referrals always bring losses to the buyer. In my early days I acquired some rented referrals for testing purposes and you know what, I am losing more money on this rented referral program.

The only thing that I could recommend to you is that find direct referrals which the only way to maximize your dollar income.


with regards to your question if Neobux is a scam?

My answer is a big NO because I already tested the veracity of this website it is genuine and paying to their members but as I said you will not make you rich.

I hope you find this Neobux review helpful.

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