Clixsense Review -Is It Legit or Scam?

This Clixsense review is for us to determined if Clixsense is legit or a big scam. Before anything else I would like to give you an important insight of what Clixsense is all about.

Are you ready? Alright!

What Is Clixsense?

clixsense review

Clixsense is the most popular and stable advertising company which established on 2007, and it was initially founded by Steven Girsky, however on May 2010 the ownership was handed over to James Grago.

How To Make Money With Clixsense? (Updated August 10, 2017)

Note: Clixsense has changed their business model, they are no longer offering PTC ads. Please click the link to know more about the changes.

It’s very simple and easy. You will earn dollar by viewing sponsors ads, meaning when you click the ads and watch a couple of seconds you will get Paid. That is why they were called Paid To Click site or in short PTC.

This is the easiest way to earn money online without investment, pretty easy right?

Not only clicking ads that Clixsense are offering to their members, they have many ways on how you maximize your income by doing only simple tasks such as;

  • Taking surveys,
  • Playing grid
  • Completing offers.
  • Micro Tasks
  • 8 level Affiliate Program

Take a look of some images for your reference.

Paid Surveys

paid survey

ClixSense was partnering with many survey panels like, YourSurveys, Toluna, and OpinionWorld.

Based on my experienced I’m getting more surveys every week, and I’m able to accomplished surveys at least 3 to 4 surveys since I’m only doing surveys with my spare time. When I got home from my day job.

I would say that Survey is becoming more popular money-making program of ClixSense, hence I will not be surprised that someday it will be their key attraction in the next coming days.

Playing Grid

playing clixgrid

As a free member you have a chance to win the prize up to $10.00 for 30 hits per day on their 600 slots puzzle grid and for Premium member you have at least 60 attempts per day. You need to wait at least 10 seconds to see if you are a lucky winner.

Completing Offers

completing clixsense offers

There were instances that you get paid by completing offers such as; downloads, shopping, sign ups and listening radio depending on your geographical locations, age and sex

Micro Tasks

The basic concept of micro tasks is that you received a small fee for a small task that you completed. And the good thing with micro task is that you can complete as many times in a day as you like.

8 Level affiliate Program

The core foundation of referral program is that you get clixsense referral programcompensated for referring others and you likewise you get commission when your direct referrals click on Ads, complete simple tasks, buy advertising slot, and every time your referrals upgrade to Premium.

Here’s a quick overview

If you able to refer a friend in ClixSense and eventually upgraded his membership you will automaticay get $2 commision.

Then if your friend refers another of his friend and upgraded his membership also, you will get another $1. And please take note that this process continues up to tier 8 referrals which is something amazing! Right?

Therefore, the only key to success to any PTC sites is direct referrals. I know it’s not easy, but then again it will pay back in the long run.

Firstly, in order to get your income with Clixsense or to any online jobs you need to registered to any electronic payment processors. Thankfully, Clixsense has allows payment transaction to 4 different methods. Such as;

payment processorsPayment thru Paypal, Payza, Paytoo and check. However, I strongly recommend to set up an account to any of these 3 online payment processors than requesting withdrawal thru check.

The Minimum Cashout

The minimum balance to cashout is $6.00 for premium members (meaning you paid to upgrade your account for $17.00 /year) and $8 for standard members (FREE account).

What Is The Average Income Per Day?

Well, basically the daily income varies, it completely depends on your activities, nevertheless the regular income for PTC Ads should be $0.04 per day. Though Members from Top tier countries can earn $20 per week from paid surveys. If you are looking quick get rich scheme probably this is not for you because this is not a quick get rich scheme. But then again if you learn the basic strategy and techniques certainly you will earn much money.

Clixsense Review Conclusion:

So, Is ClixSense a Big Scam or Legitimate? My answer is a big NO, It’s a legitimate way of earning money. It is correct also to say that it’s slow to make money from ClixSense if you’re not belong in a top-tier country, worst if you don’t have any referrals. There’s no suspicion that ClixSense is a Legit PTC Site.

I hope you find this Clixsense review helpful.

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