Hello and Welcome to MyFirstDollarIncome.com blog.

First and foremost I would like to introduce myself. My name is Ed Requintosa, and this is my family.

familyA father of 4, Filipino and I’m an internet marketer and a blogger.

Oh by the way, honestly I’m not good in telling stories or a grammar specialist, so please bear with me. Hahaha!…

I was born and raised in beautiful island of Sipalay City, Negros Occidental and currently leaving in Metro Manila, Philippines.

I moved to Manila right after graduated in my vocational course, to find a greener pasture since my home province was luck of jobs opportunity. This decision led me into various new opportunities and aided me to meet up a lot of great people and get pleasure from new experiences.

I created My First Dollar Income blog with the intention of helping newbie bloggers to get started with their new blog as well as to the advanced bloggers where I can share my experiences about my life journey online on how I earn my first dollar income online. hopefully you find this blog helpful.

When I started this blog I don’t know where to start for one reason I’m not a computer savvy guy and I don’t know about blogging but through online tutorial which is FREE, and non-stop reading blog after blogs from professional blogger  I’m able to learned and understand the basic foundation of making money online.

Until one time, I think 4 years ago, when I was searching on google search engine to look some information and ideas about blogging, I stumbled across the blog of Mr. Fat Flynn the SmartPassiveIncome.com and you know what? I was so inspired about his real life changes story from being an employee to successful blogger who was earning six figure income in a month as of this writing.

And So, I said to my self “why not try to venture in blogging. I started dreaming that someday I was able to make a blog not only to make money but to share my ideas and experiences to my treasured readers. Thanks to the internet, they will make our life more easier when it comes to extra income online.

Why is it the title of my blog is My First Dollar Income?

I chose this domain name. First, because I want to tell and share to my beloved friends, families and most specially to my  subscibers that in our time today wether you are old or young, degree holder or not, knowledgeable in computer or not as long you have an internet connection you definitely earn money from your home. Second, I want to remember always my starting point of my online ventures. That 5 years ago back in 2012 I was so excited then to withdraw My First Dollar Income Online. 

My Goal

We are truly aware that nowadays people are looking information through internet. Perhaps looking solution to their problem. Right?

Then it is my earnest desire to share my learning experiences to others about setting up new blog, content writing, affiliate program and other various ideas of monetizing the blog.

And not only that I will also cover various topics about making money online and other helpful business ideas. Through this blog may I able to help someone and educate people who need helpful information on their online ventures.

I’m hoping that in the due time I may able to create an eBook tutorials about blogging.

So please keep coming back here for more useful information and updates, you may subscribe with this blog to receive updates directly to your inbox.

Thanks and more power!