6 Tips For Writing Great Content For Your Blog

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If you’re doing work online as a marketer, then a blog is an essential tool for your business. Your blog is the place where people can find out about your products, your services, and your knowledge.

You don’t have to be a professional copywriter to write great content for your blog. Good blog content drives traffic to your website, establishes you as an authority in your chosen niche and generates sales for your online business.

The better your blog, the better results you generate online. Here are 6 tips for writing great content for your blog.

1. Take Your Time

Don’t rush your blog posts. Those who know how to write a great blog post do homework on their subject, write, edit, proof-read and write several drafts. Genuinely epic blog posts are generally long, so you need time to write them properly. But remember that quality is more important than quantity.

2. Provide Solutions

Great blog content provides the best solution to a huge problem. Your reader should not have to go anywhere else for more information or extra resources. Quality will always beat quantity, and when you have both of those qualities on offer, there is a good chance you just wrote an epic blog post.

3. Do Your Research

Successful bloggers know how to write great content for their blog because they do lots of research before they write. They don’t assume they know everything. The reliable research ultimately unveils epic content appropriate to your niche or marketplace.

4. Write Longer Posts

Typically, a blog post with 1,500 or 2,000 words will deliver more traffic than shorter posts. You can get a handy word counter tool from WordCounter.net which makes keeping track of your word count easy.

5. Use Attention Grabbing Headlines

You can write great content for your blog, but it’s no good to anyone if it doesn’t get read. Your blog title or headline is the first thing that gets the attention of your reader and the search engines.

The free headline analyzer, available from the website aminstitute.com will analyze your headline to determine the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score. This means your headline is measured on its intellectual, empathetic and spiritual level.

6. Be Ready For Inspiration

The inspiration for your next blog post can come at any time. Evernote is a free personal notebook that you can synchronize with all of your electronic devices. It allows you to record all of your great ideas, no matter when or where they show up.

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